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We’re in Ringwood, but you don’t need to be. Here at Williamson Partners we’re very comfortable in the cloud and we know how to make it easy for you too. If you have Australian tax obligations, we’ve got your tax return covered.

Individual taxation

Are you a PAYG employee with a tax return to file? It’s your tax, and your refund. Get the help of experts to ensure you’re getting the best refund for your circumstances. The preparation and lodgement of individual tax returns is our specialty. In addition to simple tax return preparation and lodgement, we offer salary packaging and tax structuring advice. We’d love to hear from you.

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Tax returns

We prepare current and past year tax returns quickly and efficiently – including electronic lodgement of all returns with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for faster processing time. Refunds are usually paid within 14 days and you can have your accounting fee deducted from your refund so you don’t have to worry about a bill.

Fast, efficient lodgement

Post, fax or email your documents to us and we will phone if questions come up as we prepare your return.

When we’ve prepared your return, we send documents to you for signature and as soon as they’re signed and back with us, we lodge electronically – for a speedy tax return.

Investments and rental property

As a property investor – particularly if you have rental property – we can help you understand negative gearing along with Capital Gains Tax planning and estimations. You’ll have the information you need to manage your investment correctly for your goals and circumstances.

Talk to the Williamson Partners team in Ringwood about investment property cashflow forecasting and building a portfolio – wherever you intend to purchase property.

Or visit our investment properties page for more information and the answers to your questions.

Late tax return?

If you’re behind with your tax return, we can help you prepare and lodge, with no fuss, including liaising with the ATO for you.

Audit shield

If you are the subject of an ATO audit, you’ll want to work with experts who understand the law and how to comply. As tax experts Williamson Partners can guide you through the process and bring the reassurance that you and your audit are in safe hands.

Final tax returns

Plan for your final tax return and talk to us early about how you can reduce the burden on loved ones you leave behind. We can help with estate planning and trust structures to ensure beneficiaries are taken care of. A reassuring thought.

Living offshore?

When life and work take you to faraway places, your tax obligations become more complicated. We can work with you remotely, using sophisticated cloud technology – or even simple telephone and email – to complete your tax returns.

While you’re navigating your overseas placement, we’ll navigate the tax law on your behalf, getting you the best return for your situation.

We also provide international tax advice and assist with details such as the Living Away from Home Allowance (LAFHA).

New to Australia?

If you are new to Australia or on a 457 Visa, we have the expertise to assist with tax advice and the preparation and lodgement of returns. The Australian taxation system can be daunting – even for seasoned locals. We’re able to help you with answers to tax questions, whether you are a resident, temporary resident or non-resident.  We know what income attracts capital gains tax – or other taxes – and can navigate the system with you so that you’re meeting your obligations and paying the right amount of tax.

Talk to us for answers that will cure your 457 taxation headache.

Any where, any time

We have the tools and experience to help you with your tax matters, whether you’re around the corner or across the globe. So if you have Australian tax obligations and live overseas we can help. And that also applies if you live in Ringwood, a remote area of Australia, a major city like Melbourne or Sydney – or you’re simply unable to come into the office.

We have the technology and the skills to work with you face-to-face or online. We also use Skype if you like to video conference.

Of course, if you do want to come in we are always happy to see you!