Income tax, property and wealth

Williamson Partners are Australian property investment experts

Are you using property investment to reach your financial goals? The property investment experts at Williamson Partners give you the confidence that you are meeting your taxation obligations and getting the most out of your investment.

Structuring your assets – trusts and other options

You need someone on your side who can advise on the advantages and disadvantages of the investment structure options available to you. With the best advice you’ll understand the best way to work towards your investment goals. The expert accounting team at Williamson Partners understand the impact of negative gearing on your personal tax refund and we’ll work with you to structure your investment for the best results.

Negative gearing that works for you

If your investment property is creating a rental income, we can guide you through the maze of can help with advice and assistance around negative gearing and tax planning to ensure you have the investment balance just right.

Special events (of the Capital Gains variety)

If you have investments, you’ll want to understand Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and how to recognise and manage capital gains events. Williamson Partners can help with CGT calculations and planning, with answers to your questions about when to sell and what to sell.

We have answers to your property investment questions

  • Not sure whether to rent out the property or live in it?
  • Moving offshore and not sure whether to sell?
  • Worried about cash flow, tax implications and GST?

Talk to an expert at Williamson Partners to find out how we can help with answers to these questions and more.